Through The Narrow Door

by Opencloud

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All tracks written & produced by Opencloud except tracks 5, 6, 11, & 17

Track 5 written & produced by Opencloud & Rob Rowe, vocals by Rob Rowe

Track 6 written by Opencloud & Joey Belville, vocals by Joey Belville

Track 11 written & produced by Opencloud & Cari Golden, vocals by Cari Golden

Track 17 written & produced by Opencloud, Mark Mangold, & Rob Rowe, vocals by Rob Rowe

Mixed & mastered by Opencloud

Cover art by Opencloud

Opencloud is Blake Potter & Corey Spengler


released July 20, 2013

Over the years a huge amount of people have affected our lives, so we must give Thanks to the following people (we tried not to miss anyone, but pretty sure we did):

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our parents, my amazing wife Bon, Mama Bear and her fancy Didi, my sweet Boops, WCG's, Herb & Mary and ECG's, our brothers and sisters, all our nieces and nephews, my adoring and very special uncle Kevin and his family, Reagan Jones, Sam Packer, Lance & Kat Cashion, Jason Wholstader, Ben Mautner, Proton Radio, The Great Mitch and Robin McCasland, Julian and Taraneh, Chava, Damon & Candis, Patty Hyun, Randall Jones, The Flacks, Mike Truman, Chris Healings, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Cari Golden, Rob and Reese Rowe, Joey and Heidi Belville, Voicerock, Ramon Mendez, Big Snax, Chad Humphries, Murray & Whitney, Vernon, Alberto Z, James & Kat, Chans & Emily, Josh Cavanaugh and everyone at DJSL, Dragonlazer, The Express Royalty (Too many to name, but you know), Eric & Chawnee, Maggie & Jess, Maria 909, Richard West, Ted Krisko, Eric Rickers, Mr. Joshooa & everyone at TV Lounge, Chris Fortier, Chris Milo, Taimur Agha & Gina, Fahad Haider, Memo, Francis Harris, Jimmy Vallence, Tom Howie, Lauren RItter, Anthony Collins, Shawn Schwartz, Patrick 'Wang Chung' Wang, Paulie & the gang at PANYC, Ryan 'Slow Hands' Cavanagh, Jordan Lieb, Greg Paulus, All our friends @ Halcyon and Output, Mike Currey, Chris Miller, Meghan Mann, James Zabiela, Ramon Crespo, Bingo Castillo, Tom Budden, Jamie Stevens and Infusion, Satoshi Tomiie, Hector Romero, Nick Dalagelis, Frank 'The Timewriter' Cochois, Lukas Greenberg, Neil and Vanessa Quigley, Victor Calderone, Mike Frade @ Waveform Recordings, Connie Yin @ Resolute, Scott Ziegler, Holmar and Greg Thugfucker, Mike Chapman, Clint Stewart, Thu Vo, Jeremy Steenblik, and Gstar worldwide, Marc Smith, Jeremy Dawson and Chad Petree, Mark Mangold, Amber Cox, Oona Slim, Toddy B, Eric and Truc, Kev Kazell, Emily Malinowski, Rob, Ben & Lance, Skateboard P, Yung Prez, Charlieweed, Petus & everyone at Clase420, Juarez Mexico, Brett King, Jesus Parada, Marcos Barerra, Trafik, Jody Wisternoff, Dee and Darius, John Templeton, The Missing Link, Maya Amack, James Lauer, Chris Ruskis, Cristian Paduraru, Darius Bassiray, Phil K, Leslie Bobarino, Crazee Lauren, The New Division / John Kunkel, Subuteo, Rema Sayge and everyone @ 9/11 Memorial, Naveen G, Mode, Anthony Attalla, Crazy Larry, MC&Hammer, Brandon and Calvin C, Jordan, Bri and fam, Lizard Davis, Liz Miller, Ross Turley, Aaron Fox, Tamara Deike, Nicolas Debruyn, The Retired Marcy Sunrises, Corrine Young, Chance and Matt Burning Hotels, Jessica Martin, Jessica Smith, Laura Priddy, Michael and Alexia, Kevon Carter, Greg and Monique Hobgood, Don Gentry, Ollie Slaney, JR Barbee, Chris White and Fam, Shay, my San Antonio familia, everyone in New York and Dallas, and all our fans and supporters.

Lastly, I (Blake) dedicate my portion of this album to my newphew, Kaden, my little dude. My uncle showed me a dream when I was his age and I hope to inspire him to dream bigger than big.



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Proton ambassadors. Life lovers. Soul seekers. Vibe makers. Love takers. Pain breakers. God fearing. Steak searing.

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